Hello! I am Eugenia Jongewaard de Boer, a UX Designer with a passion for Customer Experience and Service Design. Follow me on Twitter, Dribble and Linkedin.

Service Design Blueprint

Services are intangible goods that, just like houses or online stores, can be well designed. Because of this intangibility, people are not fully aware of service quality, and often dismiss opportunities for improvement. Service Design is a new way of thinking and provides a lot of benefits to the end user experience when applied to sectors such as banking, transportation, communication and healthcare.

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Some paper prototyping work to share

UX – Paper Prototyping from Eugenia Jongewaard on Vimeo.

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Google Web Designer

Everybody is talking about this new app from Google called: “Google Web Designer” but is it really a web designer tool? to clarify: Google Web Designer is primarily a tool for creating CSS3 animations on HTML5-based adverts. The company launched the free HTML5 development application at the start of October 2013.

Google Web Designer includes the following features:

  • Animation modes
  • Illustration tools or you can incorporate HTML tags to reference image files using the Tab tool.
  • Dual view screens give you Design view and Code view
  • 2D and 3D authoring environment tools

This app allows you to create HTML5-based ad designs and graphics that can be run on any device. Uses HTML5 and CSS3 but focuses on ad design. So for all of you saying “Google Web Designer – Create An HTML5 Site: No Coding Skills Necessary” I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong information 😛

Don’t get fooled by the name. Google Web Designer is no tool for web design. But, if you are an experienced ad designer, Google Web Designer might just be what you’ve been hoping for.

Oops! look what happened when I tried to open a simple html document:

Google Web Designer Oops!
Unable to open file to to the following error: The file was not created in Google Web Designer”

I think that we are in a great era of professional web design because it is growing and going to a better place than before. Sure, some people will use a tool such as Google Web Designer trying to build web sites because this is likely to evolve.. but hope not to a website like this Thanks to: Tweet Source 😀

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Recently I have discovered this e-learning website called: Verbling. And when I see something I really like I love to talk about it so I thought it would deserve this post! Verbling is an awesome website that helps you learn or improve a new language by connecting you in timed video chats with other language learners or native speakers.

You have two options in Verbling: You can practice your language skills by joining classes which are provided on-line by native speakers or joining to Groups. Groups are free of charge. When you login to Verbling and choose the Groups section, you can find there groups of people chatting on-line using voice or video connections. I have found groups for learners of English, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, French and Arabic. These groups are organized using Google+ hangouts.

About the classes unfortunately they costs money but for a reasonable cost. You must have a ticket to join the class. You can get a ticket by inviting your friends to Verbling or paying 3 dollars for one lesson. In my opinion the best way to join is paying a monthly fee because you can join unlimited classes. Also you can watch on-line classes free of charge or pay to a tutor for personal classes. But the great thing I find in this website is the cool interaction between participants and teachers. The atmosphere is very friendly and culturally rich so you can learn not only another language but also lots of things about lifestyle and culture from people from other countries, etc.

It’s truly a great way to connect to the world while learning or improving your language skills at home 😉

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just saying

Last week I bought my first expresso machine, the Oster Prima Latte. I have been testing it for a while and I can say that the gadget is really great! This little espresso machine allows you to customize the amount of milk you wish to add to your Cappuccino or Latte. It has an automatic or manual mode. I usually use the manual mode because I want to have total control of the amount of coffee. What I really miss on this machine is a cup heater, because I like my coffee very hot, and if the cup is not warm then your coffee will be cold in minutes!

Oster Prima Latte

It’s amazing how the design of coffee machines has become so fashionable and makes everyone want to have one, not only to make good expresso, but also to decorate the kitchen. Let me tell you,this machine does both jobs very well! Now my kitchen looks colorful and the Oster Prima Latte has been a great model for my macro photos that I posted on Flickr 😀

The design of the machine is very compact and easy to use, but like all these machines, it is important that you read the manual first. I’ve seen other people who did not read the manual before making some dangerous mistakes like moving the foam tube by hand instead of using the lever, or not noticing that the knob was in the cleaning mode instead of milk. Making coffee expresso involves many steps and sometimes we are in such a hurry that we don’t pay attention to every detail. We need more intuition and feedback like sounds, lighting etc, from this little gadgets. So I think we still have a long way for coffee maker designers to make these products more user friendly.

For now I hope it will last long and will let me enjoy my favourite drink on a daily basis. I also hope that I dont get caught being too lazy to clean every small detail after each use! :-)

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Lean production is an assembly-line methodology developed originally for Toyota and the manufacturing of automobiles. It is also known as the Toyota Production System or just-in-time production. Many industries, including software development, have adopted the principles of lean production. And these are the 5 Principles of Successful Lean Product Teams that I like the most:

1- Design + Product Management + Development = 1 team
2- Goal-driven & outcome-focused
3- FLOW: think -> make -> check
4- Focus on solving the right problem
5- Research with users


This is awesome: the world’s first 3D printing pen


Yay! Finally my portfolio website has been updated with my latest work. What you will see here is mainly my work as a UI Designer and Accessibility/Usability consultant. Hopefully I will also be uploading my amateur photography work really soon but in the meantime you can see my Photos on Flickr. So here it is my website: www.etnikastudio.com

Another news is that I’m switching from Textmate to Sublime Text which so far it has been great. I have found this tutorial for starters that it’s very helpful. Any thoughts, please share!

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I have been reading about javascript all this years but I’ve never studied it officially like I’m going to do now. So for you starter like me who is searching for a good video tutorial I recomend you this awesome course: Codeschool Any other to recommend me?