Hello! I am Eugenia Jongewaard de Boer, a UX Designer with a passion for Customer Experience and Service Design. Follow me on Twitter, Dribble and Linkedin.


Service Design Blueprint

Services are intangible goods that, just like houses or online stores, can be well designed. Because of this intangibility, people are not fully aware of service quality, and often dismiss opportunities for improvement. Service Design is a new way of thinking and provides a lot of benefits to the end user experience when applied to sectors such as banking, transportation, communication and healthcare.

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Some paper prototyping work to share

UX – Paper Prototyping from Eugenia Jongewaard on Vimeo.

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Yay! Finally my portfolio website has been updated with my latest work. What you will see here is mainly my work as a UI Designer and Accessibility/Usability consultant. Hopefully I will also be uploading my amateur photography work really soon but in the meantime you can see my Photos on Flickr. So here it is my website: www.etnikastudio.com

Another news is that I’m switching from Textmate to Sublime Text which so far it has been great. I have found this tutorial for starters that it’s very helpful. Any thoughts, please share!

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It’s a great pleasure to announce one of the most important launches that Zendesk.com – where I work – has done so far, not only for the new look and feel of the application but also for the usability and interaction improvement that it has.

“The new Zendesk provides customer service agents with rich information about the customer –the history of their tickets, if they’re active on the company forums, details about their organization – all within the same page they are using to work on the ticket.”

I invite you to take a look at this new article that talks about that: The New Zendesk: Simplicity


Is it possible for developers, designers and marketers to talk about designs without wanting to kill each other?. Let’s see this 20 minutes video about design critiques and how to give and receive feedback by Scott Berkun.


A study at Stanford University demonstrates well that multi-tasking doesn’t work, even with college students


Yesterday I attended an interesting webinar by the UX company UserZoom.com so I would like to share with you the video and the link to the slides they showed during the event. The webinar was co-hosted with 3 special guests: Dave Garr Co-Founder, UserTesting.com – Andrew Mayfield, CEO, Optimal Workshop – Matt Paulus, Director of US Sales, UserZoom and it was great to hear Bill Albert, Director of Design & Usability Center at Bentley University and also author of the book “Measuring The User Experience” wich I highly recommend.