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Recently I have discovered this e-learning website called: Verbling. And when I see something I really like I love to talk about it so I thought it would deserve this post! Verbling is an awesome website that helps you learn or improve a new language by connecting you in timed video chats with other language learners or native speakers.

You have two options in Verbling: You can practice your language skills by joining classes which are provided on-line by native speakers or joining to Groups. Groups are free of charge. When you login to Verbling and choose the Groups section, you can find there groups of people chatting on-line using voice or video connections. I have found groups for learners of English, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, French and Arabic. These groups are organized using Google+ hangouts.

About the classes unfortunately they costs money but for a reasonable cost. You must have a ticket to join the class. You can get a ticket by inviting your friends to Verbling or paying 3 dollars for one lesson. In my opinion the best way to join is paying a monthly fee because you can join unlimited classes. Also you can watch on-line classes free of charge or pay to a tutor for personal classes. But the great thing I find in this website is the cool interaction between participants and teachers. The atmosphere is very friendly and culturally rich so you can learn not only another language but also lots of things about lifestyle and culture from people from other countries, etc.

It’s truly a great way to connect to the world while learning or improving your language skills at home 😉

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I love photography but I also love video and mixing this two hobbies that I have it’s even better! Time-lapse is a technique that helps you mix this two interesting worlds. Basically it is shooting a bunch of photos of the same thing, spread out over a period of time, and smushing them together into one video that plays back in a shorter amount of time.

Here is my first attempt at doing a time lapse video!

Do you want to make your own Time-lapse video? Check out this great Tutorial.

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