Eugenia Jongewaard de Boer

I'm Eugenia Jongewaard de Boer , UX Designer at EtnikaStudio and Customer Advocate at Zendesk. Love photography, travelling and learning new languages. Follow me on Twitter and Dribble.

Read later and better

I always go to blogs or other websites searching for good articles about usability, technology etc… but not always I have the time to finish reading them. I have used “feed readers” but I’ve gotten tired of seeing so many posts. I just want to keep myself updated on the articles I like to read. I have used browser bookmarks and websites like but occasionally after a period of time, I can not find the article I was reading.
Luckily there are people who care about the needs of other users – like me! – and this a good example: “Readability” a great add-on for your browser that lets you save the article and read it later. But this is not all. You can read later and better by modifying the page design or sending it to your Kindle device. Just watch the video and see it for yourself!