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I'm Eugenia Jongewaard de Boer , UX Designer at EtnikaStudio and Customer Advocate at Zendesk. Love photography, travelling and learning new languages. Follow me on Twitter and Dribble.

Canon EOS T1i video

Rambla y Puerto de Barcelona from etnika on Vimeo.

I’m the happy owner of a Canon EOS T1i. Its a great camera for travelling because it’s not heavy at all and has a great quality on photos and videos. Here I uploaded a video I recorded in Barcelona a few weeks ago but as you can see when you move the camera a lot the image doesn’t look well. I still don’t know how to fix that or maybe is because the camera is too sensitive? Anyways I’m trying to find that answer..
The view is in low quality and I’m wandering if being a Vimeo Plus user gets even better. I love Vimeo, so simple, easy to use and clean!

  • Mike

    Excellent Cam! xD

  • Eugenia Jongewaard